The Angel Charm

Hiya! It’s Taz! I’ve got another Christmas charm for you guys today – the angel! It’s pretty cool, it’s original, and you can hang it on your Christmas tree (if you attach a chain)! So, read on for the instructions to make it!


  • A loom (rainbow loom, Cra-Z-Loom or plastic loom, it doesn’t matter)
  • A hook
  • Bands – you can choose the colours for this. You’ll need around 47 bands for the hair, about 20 bands for the skin, 1 red band for the mouth and around 57 bands for the dress. It varies for your choice
  • Extra bands to make a chain, so you can hang it on the tree. This is optional, but if you wish to do so you’ll need another 13 bands or so in the same colour. I suggest using red
  • Two beads for eyes. I used blue, for the eye colour, but you can use black, or use white, and draw black dots on (If you don’t have beads use bands in the colour of your choice.)
  • A holding hook, to hold the arms and hair strands
  • An S Clip or C Clip – this is optional. This is for securing the chain, which is optional, and also securing the angel, which is also optional

Top Tip: I used a pale orange for the skin, yellow for blonde hair and purple for the dress, but you can use anything that works, like brown hair and a pink dress, or black hair and a green dress.


  1. Begin with the open sides of the pegs facing towards you, or your red arrows pointing towards you. You should be in the staggered configuration. You will start by using single bands in the colour of the hair, and go down seven times of the right side of your loom. Wrap a band around your fingers twice and place it on the peg as a cap band. Loop up your chain.
  2. Repeat Step 1 three more times. Place all of your hair chains on a holding hook.
  3. Now you can make your arms. Using double bands in the colour of your dress, go down three times. Now switch to the colour of your skin. Again, with two bands, go down, only once though.
  4. Do another one of these on the left side of your loom, using the same colours.
  5. Wrap a band around your fingers twice and place it on the end peg on the right side. This is your cap band. Make another one for your arm on the left.
  6. Loop your arms, and place them on the holding hook to the side.
  7. We will now start the actual angel. You have made all of her body parts. To begin, place a single band in the colour of her hair from the first to the second peg in the middle row. Now you will use double bands to turn out to the left, and then to the right. Also using two bands, go down two times on the left, and two time on the right, so you are on the fourth peg on either side. Go down the middle twice, so you are also on the fourth peg. This is all in the colour of your hair. From now on, all your bands will be doubles, so using two each time.
  8. Switch to your skin colour, and go down the middle twice. Then go down once on the left, and once on the right, and turn in on each side. This is your head.
  9. Go down once using skin coloured bands in the middle, and now switch to your dress colour. Turn out to the left, then to the right. Go down on either side seven times, still using your dress colour. Then go down the middle seven times as well.
  10. Now, place two bands in the colour of your dress from the thirteenth peg on the left to the thirteenth peg in the middle. Stretch another two bands from the thirteenth peg on the right to the thirteenth peg in the middle.
  11. Wrap a band around your fingers twice and place it on the thirteenth middle peg. This will be your last peg for rainbow loomers, and your second-last peg for Cra-Z or plastic loom loomers.
  12. Now we will place holding bands. Wrap a band in the colour of your hair around your fingers twice and place it in a triangle shape of the third row of pegs, and another doubled band on the fourth row. Switch to your skin colour, and slide your two beads onto a single skin coloured band. Place this in a straight line on the fifth row. Take the bottom part of the band and pull it up and onto the fifth peg in the middle row. Slide your beads down to the end of the band. This is your eye band, which takes the place of that holding band.
  13. Change to your dress colour. You will place a doubled band on the rows with the dress bands on, starting on the seventh row and finishing on the twelfth row. These are all of your holding bands done.
  14. Place the arms on the sixth peg on the right and the sixth peg on the left. Place one hair piece on the second left peg, one on the second right peg, and the last two one the second middle peg. Now you are all ready to loop.
  15. Loop up your angel.
  16. Once you have looped that last single band, you can either slip knot it, by pulling one end over the other and pulling it tight, then hiding it in the back of the head by pulling it through a couple of bands, or you can S Clip or C Clip it.
  17. If you want to add a chain, attach a single red band folded over to make it look like it’s been looped to the other end of your S Clip or C Clip, so you should have two ends on your clip, and start making a single chain on your hook, going up the way. Once you are done, place the end on your holding hook. Take your real hook, and removed the single band folded over from the clip. Attach the end from your holding hook to the clip, and then secure the other part of your chain, to finish your angel.

Ta da! An angel charm in only, whoa, seventeen steps! If you’ve managed this, give yourself a clap on the back! Well done!

If you have any questions or problems, comment below. This is a very tricky design for some of you, and it may be easier for others. Why not help each other out through comments? See ya!

P.S: Oh, and don’t forget to vote on my Christmas Poll, which closes tomorrow!

P.P.S: It’s Advent! Yay! Did you get chocolate in your calender today?

P.P.P.S: Sorry, I’ll stop the extra messages! See ya!


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