Info on New Posts 2

Hi everyone! I’m here to give you the scoop on this week and next week’s posts! Take a look at what I’ve planned for this week…

  • Have a Guess! – where you get some clues to help you try and guess the name of my next bracelet design
  • New Gaming Poll! – this is the latest poll, which is all about how competitive you are!
  • Oops… – in which I break the awful news… I’ve lost my looms!
  • Info on New Posts 2 – this is this post, giving you the latest post info!

And for next week, well, it’s SUPER busy! Have a sneaky peek:

  • Poll Results – the Gaming Poll results will be in! Who won??
  • Looming Tip 3 – where I give you my next looming tip! Try and guess what it is!
  • Loom Band Whoops! Chat 4 – in which I post my new epic fail!
  • Info on New Posts 3 – telling you about the posts for the next couple of weeks

So, as you can see, I’m gonna be super busy! Keep checking back every Monday for some awesome news, cool polls, crazy fails, amazing designs, and more! And remember, I may also post in the week too! See ya!


Info on New Posts

Hello! It’s Taz!

I wanted to tell you guys a little bit about what’s happening this week, and also next week, and also the week after, just so you know when to come back for the good stuff.

So, this week I posted:

  • I’m Back! – telling you that I’m back and giving my apologies for being late
  • Loom Band Whoops! Chat 3 – in which I share my next epic fail with you
  • Resolutions – where I share my loomy and non-loomy resolutions, and ask you for yours
  • What do you Want for Christmas? Poll Results – I give you the results for the latest poll
  • And this post, Info on Next Week’s Posts – where I give you the latest post info

Whoa! That’s heaps of great posts! For next week, it’s also jam packed! Have a little look:

  • Looming Tips 2 – where I give you my second tip, but you’ll have to wait till then to find out what the problem is, and what the tips are!
  • The _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Bracelet – this is my new design! Check back for the name
  • Classic Post 1 – The Fishtail – in which I give you my first Classic Post, the fishtail, including awesome pics
  • Gallery of Disaster – showing all your loom band fails from Loom Band Whoops! posts

And then the week after is busy too:

  • Classic Post 2 – The Bead Ladder – where I show you my next classic bracelet, involving some fun beads!
  • Have a Guess! – some more clues to my next bracelet, which is coming out in February! But check back soon for those clues
  • Gaming Poll – you get the chance to give me your answers to my big question. Using the title, try and work out what the question is!
  • Info on New Posts 2 – with info about the new few week’s posts

So, as you can see, I’m going to be pretty busy! Make sure you keep checking back every Monday for more lovely looming things. As you know, as well as bracelet designs and charm designs I post polls, interesting news, looming tips, sharing pages and much, much more! And if you check one of today’s posts, Resolutions, you can see I’m going to run a little competition later in the year!

So, see ya!