New Site!

Hello everyone! It’s Taz!

Yes, this might seem like a big deal, because I haven’t been able to post in WEEKS. Well, I found my looms a couple of days ago (behind my brother’s radiator) and I’ve been working on a new website that has…

… everything!

This website has got books, baking, writing, crafts, music, sports, dancing, fashion, beauty, television, extra tips and so much more. You can request something, and it’s pretty much guaranteed you’ll get it. I’ll be posting every few weeks, and you can check out the cool sport updates, baking recipes, craft ideas, fashion hits, movie reviews, and all the rest.

This website (called Tara’s World of Everything) is now live, so check at the link below and head on over to see this brand new updated website.

Lots of Loomz will still be open, just not updated. This will be the last post, I’m afraid, and since I won’t be on to moderate the comments, I’m afraid you won’t see your comments here any more.

So head straight to using the link above, and why not comment there! I hope to see you there, and you can check out everything and let me know how I’m doing!

Best wishes,

P.S – I’m SOOOOO sorry I haven’t posted in ages! But while my looms were missing, I was working on Tara’s World of Everything. Now I’ve found them, I’m starting up the new website. But sorry again!