New Gaming Poll!

Hey guys!

So, it’s time for my new poll! I gave you the gaming clue, but have you figured out the real question? Well, congrats if you have! The answer is this: Are you Competitive?


Thanks for taking this quiz! The results will be out next week 🙂


Poll Results

Hey everyone!

I’ve got your poll results! And the clear winner is I’m a bookworm! I really want books! with 100% of the votes. The rest were 0%. It’s great to see loads of you like reading! I looked back at that poll when I was browsing my account, and it had six votes! That’s my personal best when it comes to votes – normally I only get three or four. So we have loads of bookworms here! I’ll be sure to post something booky-related next month.

Well, check back in a few weeks time for my next poll, the Gaming Poll. I won’t tell you what the big question is, but I’ll leave you to use the name and try to figure out that big question. See ya!

TV Poll Results

Hi! I’ve got something way cool today – the results for the TV Poll I posted! It ended yesterday, and all voting lines are now closed. But I’ve got the results today, and next Monday (Monday 22nd December) I’ll post another awesome poll. Bet you can’t guess what the theme is!

Anyway, here are the results:

Drama is my life, there’s nothing better than The Next Step or The Nowhere Boys! – 40 percent

I love a bit of action, something like Wolfblood or Atlantis, or Doctor Who! – 20 percent

Fact is the best, like Blue Peter! – 20 percent

TV just isn’t for me. I don’t watch it, but I read loads! – 20 percent

TV just isn’t for me. I don’t watch it, but I read loads! – 0 percent

I have a different favourite show. – 0 percent

So The Next Step or The Nowhere Boys wins by 20 percent, or 40 percent over the bottom two. I have to say, when I voted, I chose The Next Step. It’s fabulous!

Remember, check back next week for my new poll!

TV Rules!


There’s nothing like putting your feet up as you watch you favourite TV program. I mean, there just isn’t anything that beats it. The only thing is, what it that mystery show?

Here’s my latest poll: What’s Your Fave TV Show? If your favourite is there, great! If it isn’t, go for Other as your vote. Apologies, but I don’t watch every show in the world! And I’ve only picked ones I think people would watch, instead of Teletubbies.

Cast your vote, and I’ll give you the results on Monday 15th December, after the poll closes on Sunday 14th. And remember, be true! Who cares if everyone loves action, but you prefer comedy? Not me! And it doesn’t matter if you don’t have a TV, or your No. 1 show isn’t there. Just have fun!

Christmas Poll Results

Heya! I’m here to announce the results of the Christmas Poll that I ran last week. It’s closed now, but don’t worry, I have another one coming out next week! It’s about your favourite TV Shows. I know you all love voting, so here’s your reward: the results!

Vote 1 – Yes, definitely! I’m confident! I’ll use them straight away if I get any: 50% (half)

Vote 3 – Maybe, depends what Santa Claus brings: 50% (half)

Thanks again for voting guys! It makes it really interesting to see what others think. But I’m glad no one went for Vote 2: No way! I’ll chuck them in the bin if I get any!

Don’t forget to come back on Monday for my new poll: Fave TV Shows! See ya!


Hi guys! It’s Taz!

Are you excited about Christmas? I am! It’s only a month to go! So, I want to know – do you think you’ll get any loom bands for Christmas, and would you use them? This is my first poll, which will close on the 2nd of December. You’ve got a week to vote! I’ll post the results the next day. Here it is!

Thanks for voting, if you’ve voted!