Info on New Posts 2

Hi everyone! I’m here to give you the scoop on this week and next week’s posts! Take a look at what I’ve planned for this week…

  • Have a Guess! – where you get some clues to help you try and guess the name of my next bracelet design
  • New Gaming Poll! – this is the latest poll, which is all about how competitive you are!
  • Oops… – in which I break the awful news… I’ve lost my looms!
  • Info on New Posts 2 – this is this post, giving you the latest post info!

And for next week, well, it’s SUPER busy! Have a sneaky peek:

  • Poll Results – the Gaming Poll results will be in! Who won??
  • Looming Tip 3 – where I give you my next looming tip! Try and guess what it is!
  • Loom Band Whoops! Chat 4 – in which I post my new epic fail!
  • Info on New Posts 3 – telling you about the posts for the next couple of weeks

So, as you can see, I’m gonna be super busy! Keep checking back every Monday for some awesome news, cool polls, crazy fails, amazing designs, and more! And remember, I may also post in the week too! See ya!


Have a Guess!

Hey everybody!

I have some cool news… It’s time for me to give you all some clues to the name of my next bracelet! So here we go…

  1. It has something to do with magical creatures!
  2. The creatures this bracelet is named after live for hundreds and hundreds of years!
  3. These creatures have appeared in two films which were based on novels written by the same person.

So… do you think you can guess? Have fun!

New Bracelet Alert!

That’s right, you heard the title! After Christmas I have a new bracelet coming out! I’ll give you a few clues to the name.

  1. It’s a bird. Big clue!
  2. They can be known as Old World _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _. Ever heard that boring phrase?
  3. They have something in common with arrows. I bet you’ve learnt about this in school! It’s called  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ .

There’s your three clues! Have fun guessing and look out for the bracelet!

Going Classic!

Hi guys, it’s Taz! I’ve got more news – I’m going to be doing a few bracelet designs that aren’t mine, so some fishtails and bead ladders and starbursts, things like that. This is along side my original designs and other various posts.

Shout out to Emily (one of the subscribers) for suggesting I go classic! Great idea 🙂 If you want to subscribe you can enter your email address and click Follow! in the Follow Blog sidebar, and receive an email when I post something new. This is also a great way of letting me know that you are one of the viewers.

My first Classical Post will be the fishtail, which will come out after Christmas, because at the moment I’m so busy thinking of Christmas designs! My first one, the bell, came out today and I have an angel design coming next week!