Info on New Posts 2

Hi everyone! I’m here to give you the scoop on this week and next week’s posts! Take a look at what I’ve planned for this week…

  • Have a Guess! – where you get some clues to help you try and guess the name of my next bracelet design
  • New Gaming Poll! – this is the latest poll, which is all about how competitive you are!
  • Oops… – in which I break the awful news… I’ve lost my looms!
  • Info on New Posts 2 – this is this post, giving you the latest post info!

And for next week, well, it’s SUPER busy! Have a sneaky peek:

  • Poll Results – the Gaming Poll results will be in! Who won??
  • Looming Tip 3 – where I give you my next looming tip! Try and guess what it is!
  • Loom Band Whoops! Chat 4 – in which I post my new epic fail!
  • Info on New Posts 3 – telling you about the posts for the next couple of weeks

So, as you can see, I’m gonna be super busy! Keep checking back every Monday for some awesome news, cool polls, crazy fails, amazing designs, and more! And remember, I may also post in the week too! See ya!


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