Looming Tip 2

Hey guys! It’s Taz!

Okay, so I have Looming Tip 2 ready to go! Looming Tip 1 was how to thread beads onto bands… and Looming Tip 2 is how to make a cap band! Lots of people always come to me and say they struggle with this. Well, I’ve decided to show you all how to do it! So have a look at my method on making and placing a cap band!

How to Make a Cap Band

First, you must take the band you want to use. If you are making a cap band that’s tripled or even quadrupled over itself, you will need a good quality pack of bands to ensure that it doesn’t break. Stretch the band you want between two fingers on both of your hands.

Now you need to twist one hand over, so now you can see the back of your hand. This should make a twist in the band, so that it looks like a figure of eight.

Once you’ve done that, you need to double your band over. Take the hand that has the back of it facing up, and then bring it over, with the part of the band.Then slip the band over and onto the two fingers that are holding the other part of the band, so you have a doubled over band on two fingers, but only on one side of your hand.

Now you need to remove your two fingers from the hand that is holding the band, because they will be trapped inside the band. Now you have a cap band on your two fingers!

Lastly, make sure you keep your cap band quite tightly on your hand, so it doesn’t slip away, but not tight enough to break. Some people may find cap bands a piece of cake, but for others it is not so easy. If your cap band broke, it would be a real shame, if it was something you took great pride in. So make sure it doesn’t snap!

P.S – If you’re having a tripled band, or even a quadrupled band, you’ll need to double it another time or two.

How to Place a Cap Band

Now you have your cap band, you need to place it on your loom. The best way to do this is to stretch it between two fingers on each hand, and then hover your hands directly over the peg you want to place the cap band on. Now you just lower your hands until the band is surrounding the peg, and then let the band snap back onto the peg. There you have it!

I hope this helped! It’s fun to give people advice on how to loom, isn’t it? Well, why shouldn’t we? If you have a question about anything loomy-related, you can post it in the comments below. And if you have a great piece of advice, I’m sure we’d all love to hear about it. Comment away with your questions and answers to each other! I’ll be helping you out too!


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