Classical Post 1 – The Fishtail

Hey everyone!

So, after a long wait it’s time for my latest category – the Classics! And my first classical post is going to be… the fishtail! I’m going to tell you how to make this quick and easy bracelet, as well as giving you some cool pictures too! So read on and see how to make a fishtail!


  • A finger loom, like the one in the pictures
  • A hook
  • Some loom bands for the actual bracelet. You can either go for a multi-coloured mix, or do one solid colour throughout. I’d say either is great, so loom away at your own colour choice! The amount of bands needed actually varies, because not everyone has the same size of wrist. So, you will need as many as you need, really!
  • An S Clip or C Clip to secure the end


  1. To begin, slide a rubber band onto your finger loom, crossing it in the middle, so you have a figure-of-eight shaped band stretching over the two pegs of your finger loom. This will be your cap band once you have finished. See the picture below for an example.Fishtail 7
  2. Now you have the cap band on your loom, you can begin to place the next part of the chain. Place a single band across the two pegs, with no twist. This is the second band.
  3. Now you can place another non-twisted band across your two pegs, so you have three single bands altogether. The bottom one should have a twist, and the other two should just be regular bands stretched across.
  4. Once you have your loom like that, grab your hook, and then make sure the open sides of the two pegs are facing towards you. Now you can start to loop things. Use your hook to grab the right part of the bottom twisted band, on the right peg. Pull this bit of band up and over its peg, and then let it go, so it is dangling on top of all your other bands. Now grab the left part of the twisted band from the left peg, and pull it up and over its peg, so it is also dangling. Now you have looped your cap band into your bracelet.
  5. Every time you loop a band, you have to place another band. So now stretch a single band across the two pegs, on top of your looped cap band. Now you can loop the bottom two bits of the band on the bottom. And then they should be dangling.
  6. Continue like this, placing a band and then looping another, and soon you will start to see a chain forming out the bottom of your bands, like in the pictures below. It may look a little wonky at first, but all it needs is a little adjusting and it will soon be perfect!Fishtail 5Fishtail 3
  7. When you have made your fishtail so long that it will wrap around your wrist completely, you can then stop. Make sure the last thing you have done is looped a band, so you only have two bands stretched across your pegs. Then, stick your hook through the two bands on the right side, and then safely transfer them to the other peg, so you have four loops on your left peg. Now stick your hook through them all, and then take them off the finger loom, so you now have four loops on your hook.
  8. Put two of your fingers through these bands, and then secure them all with an S Clip or C Clip, slowly sliding the hook out from the middle of your fingers. Now you can attach the other side of your clip to your cap band, which should be at the other end of your fishtail. Slide it onto your wrist, adjust it a little, and you’ve done it!

Ta da! A fishtail in minutes! You now have a jazzy bracelet which is quick and very easy to make.

I hope you all loved this first classical post! There will be another one, the bead ladder, coming out next week, so look for that next Monday! This wil

l have pictures too, and then there will be another classic bracelet coming soon! See ya all later!

Fishtail 1

Fishtail 2


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