Heya! It’s Taz here!

Now, I bet loads of you guys made some New Year’s Resolutions (or maybe you didn’t!) this year. Well, I made a few too! And because I’m a curious person, I’d like to find out about some of your promises. Maybe you’ve decided to dedicate more time to looming, or you’ve promised yourself you’ll send me a design in the next month. Or maybe you made some non-loom related resolutions too. Perhaps 2015’s the year you’ll stop biting your nails, or maybe you know it’s time to get a little more organized. I want to know! And to get you started, I’ll give you three LOOMY promises and three NON-LOOMY promises that I’ve made for 2015. Here we go!


  1. To globalize Lots of Loomz, and get others interested in it, from everywhere around the world.
  2. To post more bracelet designs (I’ve got loads up my sleeve!) on Lots of Loomz, and also to post any designs I get from you amazing viewers on Lots of Loomz too.
  3. To run a competition one day.


  1. To join another club out of school (I’ve done this already, I’m starting a guitar club next week).
  2. To go out shopping more often (despite being a girl, I’m not exactly a shopper).
  3. To start up my imaginary cake-service, Taz’s Truly Terrific Treats.

So that’s my list for you. What about you guys? Leave me a comment, and I’ll get back to you. See ya for now!


What do you think?

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