Christmas Looming

Hi guys! I bet you know what time of the year it is – Christmas! Are you stuck for last-minute gift ideas? Do you want some fab decorations to make your Christmas special? Well, you’re in the right place! I’m going to share with you some of my tips to make some really easy, cool things you can give away – or keep! So sit back, get a biscuit, have a sip of tea, and read on for some amazing, simple things to stir up festivity in your house!


Lots of people put up paper chains in their houses. If you’re a loomer, and you don’t want to go messing with paper, try this cool and easy loom band chain for your home.


  • Red bands – as many as you like
  • Green bands – as many as you like
  • A hook
  • An S Clip or C Clip


  1. For your loom band chain, you’ll need to make a single chain on your hook. If you don’t know how to do this, start by wrapping a single band twice around your hook.
  2. Take another single band, place it on the hook part, and pull it through the doubled band, which is acting as a cap band. Then take the other end of your band onto your hook. Take another single band and thread it through that band.Then grab that end onto your hook.
  3. Continue this process until you have run out of bands, or your chain is the right length. Then S Clip or C Clip the loose end, not the cap band end. Ta da! A cool chain of loom bands. Perfect for your room!

Loom Chain Piccie

Top Tip – You can either alternate colours, switching between red or green, do one solid colour throughout the whole thing, or do chunks of green, and chunks of red. Or maybe you could do a pattern, like red red green.


Maybe you need a gift idea for your bestie, but you’re stuck. Well, read on for a quick and easy wreath charm!


  • Green bands –  about 23 in total
  • Red bands – 1 in total
  • A selection of colours. You could use blue, purple, yellow or pink. Any colour except red or green! You’ll need six bands in total, so maybe two pink, two blue, and two yellow, or something like that
  • A loom
  • A hook


  1. To begin, go down once on your loom with your single red band, from the 1st to the 2nd peg in the middle row. This is the band you will tie into a slip knot.
  2. You will now use double green bands. Turn out to the left, and then to the right, so you are moving from the 2nd middle peg to the 2nd peg on either side.
  3. Still using double green bands, go down each side twice. Now you can turn in from the 4th left peg to the 5th middle peg, and the 4th right peg to the 5th middle peg. You now have the layout of your wreath.
  4. To make the little fairy lights on the outside, you will use your colourful bands. In my wreath, I’ve used two blues, two yellows and two pinks. You can use any six bands you like, as long as they are not green or red. Take your first coloured band and wrap it around your hook four times. Slide it down to the middle part. Now take a single green band, and place it on the hook part. Slide your coloured band up and onto the green band. You have now threaded the band. Put this to the side for now.
  5. Repeat Step 4 with your five other coloured bands.
  6. Once you have all of your lights threaded, you can place them on the wreath. Take one of the light bands and wrap it twice around two of your fingers, making a doubled band. Place this doubled band on the 2nd left peg.
  7. Double the next band, and place it on the 2nd right peg.
  8. Continue doubling bands and placing them on your wreath. Place the remaining lights on the 3rd left peg, the 3rd right peg, the 4th left peg and the 4th right peg. Make sure the light is sticking out to the side on every peg, otherwise your lights will be looped into the wreath the wrong way round.
  9. Now take a single green band and double it. Place it on the 5th middle peg. This will be your cap band.
  10. Now you have placed all of your bands, you can loop up your wreath.
  11. Once you have looped that last red band, tie a slip knot in the end. You can do this by pulling the bottom part of the band up and off the 1st middle peg. Now, pull the other part of the band off the 1st peg too. Let this go, and pull on the first part, the part you pulled off first. There is your slip knot!
  12. Remove your wreath from your loom, and adjust it a bit. Ta da! You have a small but sweet gift to give to your BFF!

Loom Band Wreath

Top Tip – When giving this as a gift, make sure you make it look pretty! Put it in a cute box and wrap it up, or hide it inside a homemade Christmas card!

Why not try… Using beads for the lights?


If you don’t want to go out and buy a new bauble for your tree, why not make one? Everything looks better homemade – including loom band tree decorations!


  • A loom
  • A hook
  • Bands for the bauble. I suggest something like red or blue, to stand out against your green tree. Of course, you can use anything you like, and it might just be worth going for a light green! You’re going to need a lot of bands in total for the actual bauble! Often it’s annoying when I’m precise, so I’ll say if you buy a pack of bands (300 bands) in the colour you want, you’ll have enough
  • Bands for the chain. I recommend yellow or gold bands, even if you’re using yellow as your bauble colour. I’ve made a few of these, and I’ve discovered that the yellow goes really well with pink, so that’s what I’m doing. Gather 14 of these bands to use for your chain
  • An S Clip or C Clip to secure your chain at the end
  • A spare hook, for holding things


  1.  To start, you’re going to make the first half of your bauble. Begin by taking a single band in the colour of your bauble and stretching it from the 1st middle peg to the 2nd middle peg. This is the band that will attach to your chain at the end.
  2. Now begin to take double bands. Turn out from the 2nd middle peg to the 2nd left peg, and do the same on the right.
  3. Go down each side four times, and go down the middle five times, still using double bands.
  4. Turn in from the 6th left peg to the 7th middle peg, and the 6th right peg to the 7th middle peg. Now you have your layout, but you are not done yet.
  5. On the 7th right peg, use two bands and go down three times. Cap the end with a doubled band, and then loop it up and take off the loom. Place it on a holding hook.
  6. Repeat Step 5 so you have two little chains.
  7. Now attach one chain to the 3rd left peg, and stretch it to the 6th left peg. Stretch the other chain from the 3rd right peg to the 6th right peg. These are small extensions to make your bauble more rounded.
  8. You will now place some holding bands. Stretch some single bands in triangle shapes over the 6th row of pegs, the 5th row of pegs, the 4th row of pegs and the 3rd row of pegs.
  9. Double a single band, and place it on the last peg, or the 7th middle peg. This will be your cap band.
  10. Now you’ve placed all of your bands, loop up, and then attach your S or C Clip to the final band. Now you can remove it from the loom. This is one half of your bauble.
  11. Repeat Steps 1 to 10 all over again to get the other half of your bauble.
  12. Now you have the two halves, they should be attached with the same S Clip or C Clip. If you want a cool, original bauble, you can make a small chain coming out of one side of the S or C Clip, and attach it to the other part of the clip, so you have an open bauble. This would be awesome, but if you want to go for a classical look, carry on reading.
  13. To stitch the bauble together, push your hook through two loops on one side, and another two loops on the other side. The loops should be the loops next to your clip, and they should be opposite each other. Otherwise, your bauble will not be lined up right, and it will turn out squint.
  14. Take a single band and put it on the hook part of your hook. Slide the other loops up and over this band, and reclaim the end. Now you have attached the first four loops together. With two loops still on your hook, push your hook though the next two loops on the side closest to you. This can be quite fiddly. Now push your hook through the loops opposite it, so you are lining it up again. Take another single band and place it on the hook part, and slide all six loops onto this band. Reclaim the other end of the band.
  15. With the two loops still on your hook, push it through the next set of loops on the side closest to you. Now push it through the opposing loops, lining it up. Take a single band and pull everything onto this band, and them catch the end onto your hook.
  16. You get the idea. Repeat this process until you have gone the whole way around the bauble.
  17. Once you have got two loops left on your hook, and you are at the other side of the S or C Clip, you can now get your spare hook ready. This is the one you used as a holding hook earlier. Remove the two loops from one side of your S Clip, and pull them onto your spare hook. Now remove the loops from the other side as well, and put them onto your hook. You can put these onto just one side of your clip.
  18. Now you have a free side of your S or C Clip, you can begin your little chain to hang your bauble up. Go to the side with two loops on your normal hook. If you do not know how to make a single chain on your hook, read Steps 1 and 2 of No. 1 Idea – Loom Chain. Continue this until you have used up all 14 bands.
  19. Grab the two loops left on your hook, and attach them to the free part of your S Clip or C Clip. This allows you to attach it to something. Ta da! You now have a fun bauble that will brighten up your Christmas tree!

Loom Bauble

Top Tip –   Make sure you adjust your bauble when you’ve finished. It may look a little out of shape when you first take it off the loom. All it needs is a little squidge to get it back to normal.

Why not try… Using a different colour for each side of the bauble? It will look so cool! You could use completely different colours, like purple and light green, or you could use different shades, like light blue and a darker blue.

This bauble design is quite tricky, so if you want me to explain something again or you’ve got a problem, leave a comment and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. I’m going on holiday, so I won’t be posting until after Christmas. If you comment today, I can get back to you today, but I’m afraid that after today I won’t be available until after Xmas, so don’t worry, I’ll be back soon.

So now you’ve seen some of my ideas for cool decorations and gifts this Christmas. If you’re looking for more, have a look at my Angel Charm or my Bell Charm. These can also be great gifts for your friends and family.

Have a merry Christmas everyone!


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