Loom Band Whoops! Chat 2

Hey! I know you’ve all been waiting for this – it’s Loom Band Whoops! Chat 2!  Here’s another epic fail from me!

I was at a friend’s house, and we were having a loom band competition. I was in charge of making the person. So I looped it all, and then took it off the loom – and the head fell off! Luckily one of my friends fixed it, but that was a fail on my part!

Have you got another disaster crisis to share? Comment below and I’ll pick a few more to add to the Gallery of Disaster! By the way – don’t worry, your comments can appear in the Gallery of Disaster more than once! So if you’ve posted one on this, and one on Loom Band Whoops! Chat 1, they might both be in the gallery!


2 thoughts on “Loom Band Whoops! Chat 2

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