Looming Tip 1

Hello! I’ve got another new series coming out for you all – starting today! It’s not really going to be titled – whenever I post a new tip it’ll be called Looming Tip 2, or Looming Tip 3, and so on. It will be in the Looming Tips section. So today I’m releasing my first tip – how to thread beads onto bands!

Lots of people say this is really tricky. Well, there are three methods I’d like to share with you.

Method 1 – The Hook Method

This method will only work if you’ve got a hook, or crochet hook that a bead can fit onto.But if you have slippy hands, it’s great, rather than Method 2, which won’t work if your hands are slippy. If you can, slide the bead halfway down your hook. Then place your band on the hook part. Slide your bead up the hook, and use another finger or two to keep the band in place. Slide your bead up and off your hook, and then remove the band from the hook. The bead will be threaded!

Method 2 – The Finger Method

This method can be great if you don’t have a hook that will fit through a bead, but if your hands are slippy this usually won’t be possible to pull off. If you’re doing this method, grab a band. Then take your bead. Pinch the band almost at one end of it, but not all the way, so you can till see a little loop at the end. Then put this loop through the bead, and then let go of the band. The bead will be slightly threaded, so push it along the band a little more. The bead will be threaded!

Method 3 – The Wire Method

If you don’t have a hook that will slide through a bead, or/and your hands are slippy, this method is great. You’re going to need a piece of wire. I’ve also heard you can use dental floss or string. Push one end of your wire or string or floss through the bead. Then, place the band on after the bead. Now take the other end of the wire or string or floss, and poke it back through the bead. Slide the bead along the wire or string or floss, until it slides off the end, and onto the band. Remove the string or wire or floss from the band. The bead will be threaded!

I hope you find these methods useful. If you have another method that you use, post a comment telling me all about it! I’d love to know!


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