TV Rules!


There’s nothing like putting your feet up as you watch you favourite TV program. I mean, there just isn’t anything that beats it. The only thing is, what it that mystery show?

Here’s my latest poll: What’s Your Fave TV Show? If your favourite is there, great! If it isn’t, go for Other as your vote. Apologies, but I don’t watch every show in the world! And I’ve only picked ones I think people would watch, instead of Teletubbies.

Cast your vote, and I’ll give you the results on Monday 15th December, after the poll closes on Sunday 14th. And remember, be true! Who cares if everyone loves action, but you prefer comedy? Not me! And it doesn’t matter if you don’t have a TV, or your No. 1 show isn’t there. Just have fun!


4 thoughts on “TV Rules!

  1. I saw your comment on, and I decided to check you out. I absolutely love this blog! I think the polls are a great idea. I read a lot, so I voted choice number 5. Keep up the great posts!


    • Thanks! Did you check out Loom Love as well – they’re great!
      I absolutely love reading as well, so thanks for voting! Oh, and thanks for the support! It’s great you like this blog!


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