Loom Band Whoops! Chat 1

Hi guys! It’s Taz!

I’m starting a new series – Loom Band Whoops! And what is it? Well, it’s a new series of posts for me and you to share all of our Loom Band fails! This is Chat 1, so I’ll be sharing with you one of my epic fails. You can comment below with all of your disasters. Here is mine.

One day, I was making a figure out of loom bands, it was just a boy. I had tied my slip knot, and then I used my hook to take it off the loom. Just then my mum called and said it was time for tea. So I had my tea and came back to my loom, and the stomach of my boy had fallen apart! Aaagh!

Has something like this ever happened to you? Give me an example in the comments, and I’ll choose my favourites and make a gallery of fails! Check back not next Monday, but the one after (Monday 15th December) for Loom Band Whoops! Chat 2!


3 thoughts on “Loom Band Whoops! Chat 1

  1. Disasters strike! And sometimes, they strike similarly. Has a character’s loom band stomach ever fallen apart? Maybe it was an unknown happening, or perhaps you vaguely remember forgetting to loop the arms!
    Whatever it is, post a comment if your fail is similar, or if your fail is not!

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